Who Are EchoBox Media?

EchoBox Media relocated from San Diego, CA to Hattiesburg, MS in November 2020. We specialize in providing solutions to businesses, houses of worship, musicians, bands, and artists. We strive to be your partner for all things related to web design & maintenance, social media design and maintenance, recording, and live sound production.

EchoBox was founded by Aubrey and Keith Dobson, a father and son team. Both have a long history with music, performance, recording, and production.

Aubrey Dobson
EchoBox Media
Keith Dobson
Vice President
EchoBox Media

Aubrey Dobson began developing websites in 2013 when his wife opened a local Massage Business. With an interest in the music scene, he began focusing on building websites for local bands. Over time, he has expanded to business websites in Southern California and throughout the United States.


Aubrey has also been involved in various music projects over the past 25 years. Projects have included song writing, live performance, band marketing, recording, sound engineering, and more. Aubrey has played bass guitar for 30+ years. He has been in several bands and has functioned as a studio musician on various projects. He has engineered live sound production for bands in Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, and California. He has functioned as a sound engineer for various venues and churches in Mississippi and California.

Keith Dobson is a young, up-and-coming musician. Keith began playing guitar at age 9 and has been performing live since age 10. He plays multiple instruments including guitar, electric bass, string bass, cello, and drums. He has aspirations to work in the music industry as either a live performer or as a music technician. He has collaborated on many projects over the years and has been a full time lead guitarist for several churches in the San Diego, CA and Hattiesburg, MS areas.

In March 2019 Keith recorded, produced, and published an album with his band. He is currently working on a solo album that will be published in the near future.

Keith's musical influences are a valuable resource for recording and live sound production.