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Your amazing sound track now feels professional. It NEEDS to be heard by the world. But you are not signed with a record label, nor do you know anyone in radio. How do you get your music out to the public?

Digital Distribution is the answer. EchoBox Media has a Record Label account (Volume 11 Records) with DistroKid, a digital distribution company that can get your sounds out to nearly all digital streaming services and digital stores: From Pandora to iTunes, Amazon to YouTube, Spotify to IHeartRadio. From there your fans can stream your music and even purchase your music if they love it. 

And guess what . . . YOU GET PAID. Yep, at this point you are an independent artist and you still get royalties based on the terms of the streaming services.


EchoBox can help you get your music, podcast, etc., out to the world via our Record Label Volume 11 Records or we can help you self-publish through DistroKid.