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Audio & Music


Now that you have a raw recording it's time for the magic to happen. Recording is placing digital sound waves onto a computer. Post-production is making those waves sound awesome.


During post production your raw sound files are sweetened. Some of the adjustments may include:


  • Adjustments in panning to the stereo spectrum

  • Equalizing 

  • Compressing

  • Automating

  • Addition of digital instrumentation (synthesizers, pads, bass drops, etc.)

  • Quantizing to ensure everything is tight and in line with the metronome

  • Autotuning to ensure everything is on pitch

  • And more . . .

Following post-production, tracks are mixed down to stereo tracks. Stereo tracks can be converted to various digital formats or burned to a compact disc. These tracks will probably sound good enough for a basic demo; however, they will definitely need to be mastered if you plan to release to radio, digital distribution,  and/or duplication.