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EchoBox Media has a mission to support local, regional, and national artists to achieve their success. EchoBox offers a full range of services to make music production and promotion easy.​

Audio & Music Recording

Post Production

Final Mastering

Assistance with Digital Distribution for Singles and Albums

As an artist, your focus should be on your craft whether it be writing or performing music. But as musicians ourselves, we understand the struggle associated with image, marketing, booking, managing, negotiating venues,


and on . . . and on. . .

That's were we can help. EchoBox offers services ranging from recording to live sound production. We are here to help you succeed. 


Whether your recording is used as a demo to get a gig or a vocal for a podcast, we have you covered.


While recording is placing digital sound waves onto a computer. Post-production is making those sound waves sound awesome.


Final mastering is the art of taking the post-produced stereo tracks and making them radio ready. Mastering brings life and breath to the sounds.


Your amazing sound track NEEDS to be heard by the world. But you are not signed with a record label, nor do you know anyone in radio. How do you get your music out to the public?